A Brief Introduction to Healing Crystals

Crystals are gifts from the planet. They have the ability to alter vibrations of all forms of matter around them, raising it to a new, higher level. This shift in vibration can help to bring about healing of the body, mind, and spirit if you allow it to do so.

What are crystals?

Geologically, crystals can be either minerals or groupings of minerals (called rocks). Each mineral is organized into a specific pattern of atoms called a crystal lattice. These lattice patterns are determined through crystallography, the study of the arrangement of atoms in solid matter. Each crystal has a distinct internal structure. Crystals have a highly organized internal pattern made of physical matter, and to us, they appear to be inanimate, solid objects.

Metaphysically, crystals are something else altogether. Sure, they still take the form of rocks (really pretty rocks), but they’re also natural materials with consciousness and a high vibrational frequency. Crystals, like all other forms of matter (including plants, animals, and people) and consciousness (such as thoughts, ideas, and intentions), are actually comprised of vibrating strands of energy held together by weak force fields to create what we perceive in our three-dimensional world as solid, unmoving shapes.

A row of Chakra Crystals

The Energy of Crystals

At our most basic level, we are made up of the same strands of energy that crystals are, it’s just that ours are arranged into different patterns, vibrating at different frequencies, and held together into different shapes by the force fields. Our force fields hold the energy together into cells that make up flesh and bone, allowing us to interact with the world in an active and outwardly communicative manner. Crystals’ force fields hold the energy strands together into atoms that create the seemingly inanimate minerals and the structure of the rocks.

The vibrating strands of energy that make crystals are connected to the same field of energy and consciousness as the vibrating strands of energy that make up all living beings. We are all tied together – entangled – in a quantum soup of energy that creates everything we see, hear, taste, smell, think, feel, touch, and experience in the universe. So are crystals. At our very basic level, we are all made up of the exact same stuff; it just expresses differently outwardly. Crystals appear to be pretty rocks that don’t do much more than sit and look attractive. People appear to be active, conscious, moving, speaking, living, breathing beings.

Energy Vibrations
Energy Vibrations

What a wonderful and amazing Scheme have we here of the magnificent Vastness of the Universe! So many Suns, so many Earths. – Christiaan Huygens

The vibrations in the crystals affect the vibrations of other forms of matter around them, including us. There’s a principle of physics called entrainment. It was first observed by a Dutch physicist named Christiaan Huygens in the 1600s. Huygens had two mechanical clocks with pendulums that he mounted on a wall near one another. When he put up the clocks, their pendulums were swinging at slightly different rates and frequencies. However, after a short period, Huygens noticed the pendulums of both clocks were moving together at the same rate and frequency. He postulated that the two clocks “locked into phase” when they were in proximity. That is, the frequency of one clock affected the frequency of the other clock, and the two met somewhere in the middle so they moved in concert.

This is a repeatable effect that has been observed energetically with all types of objects. When objects with different frequencies come into contact – or at least are near one another – they entrain to one another. One object’s energy drops and the other rises until they are vibrating at the same frequency.

It is through entrainment that crystals affect (and are affected by) the energy of everything around them. Since everything is vibrating at its own frequency, when one thing is placed next to another, they meet in the middle and begin to vibrate at the same rate.

Crystals tend to have very high vibration. People tend to have lower vibration. Therefore, when we come into contact or are near a crystal vibrating at a higher frequency than we are, our vibration raises and the crystal’s vibration lowers until we meet somewhere in the middle.

This is how crystals can heal – by raising our vibrational rates to a higher frequency, which can bring about energetic shifts that affect body, mind, and spirit.

Example of vibrations of water molecules (H20). Credit: www.nwo-i.nl

How Crystals Effect the body

Your different systems (such as your various organ systems, your thoughts, and your beliefs) vibrate at different frequencies. You have fields that connect this all together, and there are energy conduits that conduct energy to the various parts of you.

A physical example of this is how your nerves carry energetic impulses from your brain to all parts of your body and from your body back to your brain. When something impedes the nerve flow in your physical body, the signals stop going where they need and ultimately, when the body doesn’t receive the energetic signals it requires from the brain, it falls into a state of dis-ease, which I define as a lack of ease in the body. We often experience this as symptoms or illness of the body, mind, or spirit.

Chakra Chart
Chakra Chart

Similarly, you also have energetic pathways that connect your subtle (energetic) body to your physical body. You’ve probably heard of some of these energetic fields and pathways, such as your:

  • chakras
  • aura
  • meridians

When energy flow is impeded in these energetic pathways, it can affect you emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and/or physically. When you have a symptom – any symptom – it exists to alert you to the fact that your energy is not flowing optimally. Energy flow might be overactive, under-active, or completely blocked, and using an energetic solution such as a crystal can help to rebalance your energy by allowing it to entrain to the crystal’s vibration in order to restore optimal flow.

Amethyst Cluster
Amethyst Cluster

This is, at its very basic level, how crystals bring about healing. In future articles, we’ll get into more specifics, exploring how different properties of the crystals affect their energy, and how that energy, in turn, affects you. I’ll also teach you simple ways to select crystals based on your own needs, and I’ll show you how to use simple cleansing techniques to return the crystals to their original frequency so that, even when their vibration is lowered after use in a healing session, you can continue to engage with them in order facilitate ongoing healing.

Living beings can sometimes become ill or unbalanced, but the universe in its infinite wisdom always provides solutions; there is a solution for every issue we face. Crystals are a gift the earth shares with us that offer one solution. By allowing the vibration and consciousness of crystals to affect our own energy, we are empowered to heal ourselves so we can live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

Karen Frazier
Karen Frazier
Karen Frazier is the author of books about metaphysics, crystal healing, energy healing, and dream interpretation including Crystals for Healing, Crystals for Beginners, The Crystal Alchemist, The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques, Reiki Healing for Beginners, and The Higher Vibes Toolbox.
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