7 Ways to Work with Crystals

Keeping crystals in your environment or wearing them can certainly have positive effects on your life. However, you can also incorporate their energy into your life with more focused intention by working with them in specific ways. I urge you to listen to your intuition when working with crystals, and to consider bringing their energy into your life as you are guided to do, or in the following ways.

1. Place them according to Feng Shui.

I have crystals placed all around my house. While some of the placements I use are intuitive, I place others according to the principles of Feng Shui, which is the art of placement.

Feng Shui divides the home into sectors, and each sector strengthens or weakens various energetic aspects of your life. The Form and Compass school of Feng Shui does this according to compass directions and land formations. However, there is a simplified form of Feng Shui called Western or Black Hat Feng Shui that provides an easy to understand map you can use to overlay your home, office, or a specific room. Align the bottom center of the map with you’re the front door of the room, home, or space. For simplicity, I am adding that map, called the Black Hat Bagua Map, below with a few crystal suggestions for each sector.

Prosperity and Wealth

-Green aventurine
-Petrified wood

Reputation and Fame

-Yellow tigers eye
-Red garnet

Relationships and Love

-Rose quartz
-Ruby in fuchsite


-Mangano calcite


-Clear quartz

Creativity and Children


Wisdom and Knowledge


Career and Soul Path

-Smoky quartz

Travel and Mentors

-Blue calcite

2. Program them with good vibes.

You know that feeling you get after a good run, a particularly transcendent yoga class, or a powerful meditation? You can program a crystal with that feeling and then carry it with you throughout the day. Each time you want to return to that glow, you can hold onto your crystal for a minute or two to experience it again.

Program Crystal
Program Crystal

Keep a crystal, such as a piece of clear quartz, handy. When you achieve a state of bliss, glow, flow, or whatever other positive feeling you’d like to have, program the crystal with that feeling. To do so, while you’re still in the most powerful state of the positive feeling, hold the crystal in you giving hand, which is your dominant hand. Visualize the feelings flowing from you into the crystal through your hand until it starts to fade. Your crystal is programmed. Now keep it with you and whenever you’d like to return to that state, hold the crystal in your receiving hand, which is your non-dominant hand, and allow it to suffuse you with the good vibes with which you programmed it.

3. Empower your affirmations and visualization.

Crystal Visualization
Crystal Visualization

You can use the technique above to program a crystal with your affirmations and visualizations, as well. Simply hold the crystal in your giving hand as you affirm or visualize, allowing the energy of the visualization to flow into the crystal. Keep the crystal with you. Several times throughout the day, hold the crystal in your receiving hand to re-empower your visualization or affirmation.

4. Wear rings intentionally.

Right now, I am wearing 18 different crystals. That’s about standard for me as I have certain crystals I wear every day in the form of pendants or rings. I wear my crystal rings intentionally, and you can as well. Below is a chart depicting the meanings of each of the fingers on your hands taken from palmistry and a form of energy healing known as Polarity Therapy.

Crystal Meaning on Fingers for Ring Placement
Crystal Meaning on Fingers for Ring Placement

You can wear crystals to empower your intentions by placing them on the appropriate hand and finger. For example, I wear a citrine crystal ring on the pointer finger of my receiving hand. Citrine is a stone of prosperity and empowerment, while my pointer finger symbolizes desire and ambition, and the receiving hand symbolizes receiving these gifts. On my giving hand, I wear a morganite ring on my pointer finger, which symbolizes my desire to unconditionally give love. If someone wants stronger boundaries, they may wish to wear a hematite ring on the pinkie of their receiving hand. If they are working on respecting others’ boundaries, they might wear the same on their giving hand instead. You can utilize the chart above with crystals to empower your intention.

5. Make crystal elixirs.

Crystal elixirs add the energy of crystals to water. By leaving the water in contact with crystals for several hours (usually 24 to 48), the water becomes infused with the energy of the crystals. Then, you can drink the water, add it to your bath, and more.

It’s important to note if you are making crystal elixirs, you need to do so safely. Many crystals have toxic components such as aluminum, sulfur, or strontium that you don’t want to consume by either drinking it or soaking it in through your skin. However, you can safely make an elixir from any crystal by placing water in a jar, placing crystals all around the outside of the jar, and allowing the energy of the crystals to infuse the water for about 24 hours. Keeping the crystals out of direct contact with the water allows them to infuse their energy without adding any toxic components. You can also use a crystal infusion water bottle that has a glass pod to create the elixirs.

Crystals on white background
Crystals on white background

6. Add their energy to plants.

I have a lot of plants around my house, and all of them have crystals in their pots to add their energy to the plants to make them healthier. Moss agate, moonstone, malachite, and green calcite are all excellent stones to place in your pots to encourage the well-being of your adopted plants. I even water my plants with a crystal elixir made with smoky quartz, clear quartz, and water.

7. Add them to your personal care routines.

The world of personal care is starting to recognize the benefits of gemstones. From products such as gemstone facial rollers and gua sha tools to crystal infused beauty products from retailers such as Pacifica, Herbivore, and Själ, you’ll find plenty of ways to add crystals to your beauty regimen. You can even add a few drops of crystal elixirs to your bathwater, your shampoo and conditioner, and even to your laundry or cleaning products to bring even more crystal energy into your life.

Add Crystals to Your Care Routines
Add Crystals to Your Care Routines

Working with Crystals

Always approach crystals with gratitude and be sure you cleanse them regularly when you work with them. In this way, you can keep the energy of crystals flowing in your life.

Karen Frazier
Karen Frazier
Karen Frazier is the author of books about metaphysics, crystal healing, energy healing, and dream interpretation including Crystals for Healing, Crystals for Beginners, The Crystal Alchemist, The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques, Reiki Healing for Beginners, and The Higher Vibes Toolbox.
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