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Our mission at Crystal Pendulum is to change the way in which mainstream culture understands and uses crystals. In the often mystifying world of crystal healing, we provide clarity to the crystals you use every day both metaphysically and scientifically.

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About Us

Crystal Pendulum was built to live at the intersection of crystal metaphysics and mineral science, providing a practical, experienced and thorough approach to crystals. We are a group of scientists and artists who share a mutual love and respect for crystals. We believe in science, ancient knowledge, intuition and energy, all of which are combined here to give you a holistic approach to crystals.

Meet the Team

Trevor Nace


Trevor holds a PhD in geology from Duke University and writes regularly on geology, minerals and the environment. Trevor manages the science behind minerals.

Aaron Nace


Aaron was born on the island of Kauai Hawaii, where he spent most of his childhood chasing chickens with no shoes on. Ever since then he has held a deep appreciation for nature - from plants and animals to rocks and crystals. Aaron manages the overall design, look and feel of Crystal Pendulum. Aaron received his Bachelor of Industrial Design degree from North Carolina State University.

Katherine Bezrouch


From a young age, Katie could be found exploring and excavating the prairies of the Midwest. Having a deep adoration for plants and minerals, Katie has worked towards incorporating as many of those concepts in her daily life as possible. With a fierce respect for scientific and ancestral knowledge, and an enthusiasm for holistic health, Katie incorporates the use of crystals to have a profound effect on wellness. Katie is exceptionally dedicated to explore these ideas further with her work on Crystal Pendulum.