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Crystal Pendulum

Crystal Pendulum connects the mind and body with the energy that is all around you. It is an outward expression of your inward intent; a vessel for synchronous energies and healing.

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    Citrine Thumbnail Crystal Pendulum

    Citrine Energy & Science

    A glassy friend of the Quartz and Amethyst, Citrine is a crystal of both prosperity and intuition. Naturally, it is a light yellow in color, drawing upon energy from the sun. Citrine is caring and intuitive, making it the perfect crystal for opening the mind.


    In tune with the moon, the Moonstone crystal protects travelers by night and grants wisdom for those on any journey through life. It is a crystal of deeper understanding and inner reflection.
    Amethyst Crystal


    A deeply rich, purple crystal, Amethyst promotes intuition and prepares the mind for clear meditative states. It manifests creativity and can encourage sobriety in addiction while also used in connecting with spiritual or divine powers.
    Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendulum

    Black Tourmaline Crystal: Meaning & Uses

    Black Tourmaline is highly energetic. Best known for its use in metaphysical and spiritual practices, it is a crystal needed to rid negative energies and restore the Root Chakra.


    How to Use a Crystal Grid

    Crystal grids are specialized layouts of gemstones that create synergies between multiple crystals and sacred geometry in such a way that they become more powerful than the sum of their parts. Using a grid helps you to focus your energy to support specific intentions, turning your layout into a magnet for that which you choose to experience in your life.
    How to Use Smudge Sticks for Energy Clearing

    How to Use Smudge Sticks for Energy Cleansing

    Smudging is hardly a new concept, although it’s enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years. Burning sage is an ancient practice that has been used in multiple cultures and traditions as a means of purification.
    7 Ways to Work with Crystals

    7 Ways to Work with Crystals

    Listen to your intuition when working with crystals, and to consider bringing their energy into your life as you are guided to do, or in the following ways.
    The Basics of Living with Crystals

    The Basics of Living With Crystals

    Just as people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, so do crystals. Some crystals are meant to be lifelong partners, working beside you on the core karmic issues you return to in this lifetime over and over again.